NEVER use a Q-tip!!!🐶🐾

Howls Your Day

Howls Your Day

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NEVER use a Q-tip!!!🐶🐾
NEVER use a Q-tip!!!🐶🐾
NEVER use a Q-tip!!!🐶🐾
NEVER use a Q-tip!!!🐶🐾
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2023-12-11 01:54:34

Dose that work on cats

2023-12-11 00:08:18

"99%! "

The last ear mite:.. WHY DIDN'T YOU KILL ME TOO?

The item:.... I'm sorry

2023-12-09 14:57:19

But what abt the 1%..?

2023-12-09 04:11:49

That 1% left : U KILLED MY FAMILY 😭

2023-12-09 01:01:34

That 1% ear mite

2023-12-07 08:06:06

DO NOT USE THIS! Ear mites are not that common in dogs. Most dogs who get groomed or bathed regularly usually don’t need regular ear cleanings. Over cleaning your dogs ears can be MORE damaging if they don’t need it. Obviously this isn’t the case for dogs with chronic ear infections. Please call your vet and ask for recommendations before using new products like this!

2023-12-05 22:31:37

but can we use the ear drop on cats to?

2023-12-05 10:48:39

what about the 1pesent

2023-12-05 08:12:58

Question is this a good think to do regularly for the dog?
Or is it better to use only when they feel irritation?

2023-12-03 21:53:35

But you used it on your dog 😂

2023-12-03 16:38:33

I dont have a dog..😐

But I have a cat 🙂

2023-12-02 18:36:44

Whatnabout that 1%

2023-12-01 20:47:18

This do magic with my great dane. It's years we're using it
2023-11-30 04:51:15

The %1 percent be like:aww man i didnt get picked😢😢😂😂😂😂😅

2023-11-28 17:41:40

What about 1%

2023-11-28 12:46:39

Where's the 1%😂😂😂😂😂😂

2023-11-28 05:29:15

How do you get YouTuber

2023-11-27 19:25:08

The 1 procent😭😖😎💀

2023-11-27 17:49:06

What is the one precent gonna do? Makes infection:me be like:emotinol damageeeee

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