Re-Design a Chocolate Shop Homepage With Me | Figma + Webflow

Maddy Beard

Maddy Beard

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Hometown Homepages Episode 6: The Chocolate Therapist In this series we give small business websites a much-needed facelift using my favorite website builder, Webflow! In this episode we're making over the homepage of a chocolate shop in my town. The idea for the brand is so cute... but the website doesn't really lean into the playfulness as much as it could. During this build I learned how to create a scrolling text banner, or infinite marquee! I'll definitely be using that technique again in future builds :) Hope you love it! 00:00 Welcome to Hometown Homepages 00:28 First Impressions 01:06 Inspiration & Ideas 01:35 Designing in Figma 04:06 Building in Webflow 06:40 Before & After REVEAL! Try out Webflow: 🤍 Banner tutorial I followed: 🤍 ◤ Learn with Me 》skillshare classes: 🤍 ◤ Shop My Favorites 》screen recording: 🤍 》mockups: 🤍 》desk accessories: 🤍 》filming & gear: 🤍 ◤ Follow Me 》instagram: 🤍itsmaddybeard 》email list: 》behance: ☆ For Business Inquiries: email maddy🤍

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Re-Design a Chocolate Shop Homepage With Me | Figma + Webflow
Re-Design a Chocolate Shop Homepage With Me | Figma + Webflow
Re-Design a Chocolate Shop Homepage With Me | Figma + Webflow
Re-Design a Chocolate Shop Homepage With Me | Figma + Webflow
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2022-11-09 18:38:56

Hi Maddy! I am doing my own project with redesigning a website and found your video. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to take a look at your design process. Your content is very informative and I've learned a lot from it!. Thank you !

2022-10-31 09:07:19

I love your videos! It's so great to have an 'over the shoulder' aspect to the designing process. I have been very interested in a career change into UI Design and your content is giving me a great insight. Thank you!!

2022-10-23 22:01:36


2022-10-22 12:40:30

I love watching you design Maddy! It looks so easy when you do it and it gives me so much inspiration and motivation.
Can't wait for the next one 🤩🤩

2022-10-21 10:14:43

I have been following Timothy Ricks for so long, he is a webflow geek

2022-10-21 00:38:16

Hey Maddy this turned out so cool! are you by chance giving the business the designs you came up for them?

2022-10-20 16:50:29

I love the vintage/retro vibes on this one! It turned out so good!!

2022-10-20 16:03:01

It turned out super cute and retro! Love this. Also, you make this seem sooo easy! Love your videos. <3

2022-10-20 15:20:07

As someone who has absolutely loved this series... I wanted to ask whether you will be making more such videos...

2022-10-20 15:08:13

Looking nice

2022-10-20 15:05:24

Hey Maddy could you please let me know how to collect data for a case study for a redesign

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